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Baby bumps are booming everywhere, and with school chaos, “mom brain” and this hellish heat the thought of extra playing to find the perfect gift for the next baby shower can be overwhelming.

To make things easier, the experienced mothers at Haus Wagner came up with a list of helpful items that are not only locally sourced, and proudly South African, but are also hand crafted and made from the purest fabrics.

  1. Haus Wagner
    There is nothing cuter then matching mommy and me outfits. Haus Wagner have developed the Country Apron. A gorgeous cross back apron that’s super easy to pull over any outfit and a bump… We’re happy to announce that there in now a baby version as well! Made from the finest linens and cottons, in the most divine colours this combo gift-set for mom and baby with have the crowd oohing and ahhing at the cuteness overload. Shop their online store for options and other great gift ideas.
  2. Pure Beginnings Organic Care
    The conscious movement to source organic products in most areas of our lives has really taken root. This proudly South African company guarantees gentle lotions, shampoos and bum cream for the latest addition to any family.
  3. Shooshoos
    This Cape Town based business offer the cutest range of soft leather shoes for babies, toddlers and busy bodies. They arrive at your door neatly packaged and are easy to pop in the back of the cupboard until baby keeps you on your toes while on theirs.
  4. Muslin Blankets
    There’s nothing better then a cuddle with a soft skinned baby, but when the weather turns and baby needs a blankie, Biddy Kins supply a range of beautifully patterned silky blankets to swaddle, wrap and comfort your baby. You can pop them over the pram or use them as a cover for a sneaky feed.
  5. Cloth Nappies
    Cloth nappies may bring an image of post war mums with huge perambulators and red lipstick, but they are making a comeback and helping to save our planet. The effort involved is more than that of a disposable but the reward is tenfold, without the special folding of the past… These colourful, happy nappies have easy absorbent inserts and super quick pop buttons. They are also way more cost effective than normal kimbies!
  6. Crafty Creations
    Supporting local is very important to us at Haus Wagner, this home start up, by a mom of three gives a wide range of cute crocheted cuddlies. Choose from Kirsten’s range or ask for something custom made, that baby can enjoy as they get older.
  7. Ecoffee Cups
    This is a gift purely for mum. When the going gets tough and you’re finally allowed to drink caffeine again, these beautiful eco-friendly mugs found at Yuppichef  and in selected shops are a great way to hold that liquid gold baby. Stunning patterns and practical lids will be the envy at any mom get together.

We hope this list inspires you to think out the nursery and give a gift that is well made, beautiful and practical. Something that will last and help any expectant mum with their new bundle of dirty nappies, messy clothes and cute smiles.

Love the Haus Wagner team.